Wuhe County

Wuhe County is located at the middle and downstream of the Huaihe River, and the northeast area of Anhui Province. Because the five rivers, i.e. Huaihe, Huihe, Chonghe, Tonghe and Tuohe, are gathered here, the county is named as Wuhe. The County has the overall area of 1595KM2 and the population of 720,000. Under the jurisdiction of Wuhe County, there are 15 townships, one province-level economic developing zone, one province-level nature protective zone, one province-level forest park and 237 administrative villages (residence zone).

Wuhe County has a long history of more than 900 years. In Tang Dynasty, it was called as Guhong, and as Wuhe in Song Dynasty. The most integral 100000-year-ago ivory fossil was excavated in Wuhe County. Now, there are many ancient cultural and historical relics and famous scenic spots in the County. The folk song “Picking Pomegranate” was awarded as The Gold Prize in the Internal Folk Songs Festival of Nanning and the Wuhe’s folk songs taking “Picking Pomegranate” as the representative have been listed into the protective contents of the national nonmaterial cultural heritages. Shunhe Street is the famous cultural and historical street in Anhui.

Located near to the Yangtze River Delta, Wuhe County has the location advantage, and is one of the 23 counties (regions) in Anhui to develop forward the east, and is only one county in Bengbu closed to Jiangsu and Zhejiang. The one entrance/exit in Bengbu-Nanjing Expressway is located in Mohekou Township, and the one entrance/exit in XUzhou-Mingguang to be built up will be located at the west. The National Way 104 and the Provincial Ways 304 and 306 are passing through the territory of Wuhe, paralleling with Huaihong New River.

Wuhe has many beautiful scenic spots. In the territory of Wuhe, Dagong Mountain—the province-level forest park is located. In the park the mountains are surrounded and the green trees made the shade, and the forest coverage rate of up to 80% is kept, so it is called as the natural oxygen bar. There are five rivers, three lakes (Tuhe Lake, Tianjing Lake and Xiangjian Lake) and one water reservoir (Qiaozijian Reservoir). In the everglade taking the Tuohe Lake –the province-level natural protective zone as the center, the fishes and crabs are briskly swimming to and fro in the river and the birds are flying free in the blue sky. The county is surrounded by the rivers and lakes, known well as “the Water Town” in the northern area of the Huaihe River, and is “the garden city” in Anhui.

Wuhe is plentiful in products and is rich in mineral resources like gold, mica, quartzite and barite, etc. With the aquatic area of 230000mus, it is the large aquatic products county in Anhui, the Tuhu Lake’s Crab is one of the most famous ten crabs in China. The ice-fish in the Tianjing was once the imperial food in the ancient. Wuhe County teems with wheat, soybean, rice, cotton and peanut, and is the commodity grain productive base in China. The “Hanbaiyugong” brand rice, “Suhe” brand flour and “Wanxiang” brand flour have been through the Certification of Green Food by the Ministry of Agriculture, the National Certification of Pollution-free Product and approved as “the Famous Brand in China”.

With the better potentiality in Wuhe. Wuhe has a better financing platform, and is one of the six counties in Anhui and only one in the North Anhui area to take part in the provincial guarantee group, and is the first batch counties in Anhui to apply the policy-related loan of the National Development Bank to develop the intra-county economy. Under the jurisdiction of the province-level economic developing zone there is Chengnan Industrial Zone and Mohekou Industrial Zone with the planning area of 10 KM2 and 30KM2 respectively. Now there are 118 enterprises in the Zone. Some industries in the parking area, such as fine chemicals, food and beverage, textiles and clothing, mechanical manufacturing and farm byproducts processing, etc, have begun to take shape. Wuhe County is awarded the titles of “One of the Ten Counties with the Best Investment Environment in Anhui”, ‘the Most Faithful County for Business and Investment Solicitation”, and “One of the 100 Counties and Cities with the Largest Investment Potentiality in China”. In 2008, it is listed into the second batch trial counties to enlarge the rights by the Provincial People’s Government of Anhui.

With the quicker development in Wuhe. Wuhe is facing to the key development strategy opportunity in the new century. The County Party Committee and People’s Government of Wuhe firmly set up the Scientific Outlook on Development, and insist on the development at first. Depending on the development goal in the Eleventh Five-Year Plan, e. g. “the total output value is over 10 billion RMB Yuan, the scaled enterprises will be over one hundred, and the financial income will be quadrupled, the urban area will be extended one time, and the ecological environment will be improved greatly”, we will do our best to implement the four key strategies, i.e. with the industry to richen the county, the external promotion, the whole people’s pioneering and sustainable development. Now the remarkable achievement in reform and development has been obtained already. Our total target in the Twelfth Five-Year Plan is that the financial income will be 1.5 billion RMB Yuan, the total output valve will be doubled and the people’s living standard will be raised and the urban and rural environment will be greatly improved. Up to 2020, the people in Wuhe will enter the well-off society together with all the province people.

In the period of the Eleventh Five-Year Plan, the gross economic yield in Wuhe is raised by 1 billion RMB Yuan and it is forecasted that by the end of the period of the Eleventh Five-Year Plan, the local total output value will be up to 9.2 billion RMB Yuan, and the economic target is doubled compared to the year 2005, and the annual average growth rate is 13%, and is 4.5% quicker than of the Tenth Five-Year Plan. The county economy is representing the good development tendency.

At present, the people in Wuhe will continue to deepen reform, be brave in making innovation, speed up development, and try our best to construct Wuhe County to a waterside scenic county, the ecological hometown and happy investment place. Meanwhile, welcome all the friends, traders and businessmen home and abroad to make investment here and to have the mutual development.