profile of bengbu

Bengbu, located at the north-south demarcation line in China, the fringe area between Huang-Huai-Hai Plain and Jianghuai hilly region, in north Anhui and middle reach of Huaihe River, is crowned as the “Pearl City” for its abundant resources of clams and pearls and so called “ pearl picking place” in ancient time. After Jinpu Railway brought into service in 1912, Bengbu has become the goods distribution center and traffic hub both in waterway and landway. In Jan. 1, 1947, Bengbu City was approved as the first municipality instituted in Anhui Province and today it is the municipality to administrate three counties of Huaiyuan, Wuhe and Guzhen and four districts of Longzihu, Bengshan, Yuhui and Huaishang, a famed city as the cradleland of singing and dance, the birth place of the emperor, the well known city of landscape and brilliant pearl aside Huaihe River. Bengbu is proud of its long history and splendid culture. The Shuangdun culture for 7300 years is the significant symbol of Huaihe River civilization matching those of Yangtze River and Yellow River. As early as 4000 years ago, Da Yu, the hero of water-control from Xia tribe once convened a meeting for the leuds and started the flood combat campaign by splitting the mountain to guide floodwater into Huaihe River in the west suburb of Bengbu, leaving the moving legend as “refusing to see his families for three time when pass by his home due to the urgent flood matters”; The famous Gaixia ancient battlefield of 2200 years ago originated the historic stories of “Be under attack from all directions”, “Ambush on All Sides’ and “Farewell to My Concubine”. Fengyang where sites the Imperial Tombs of Ming Dynasty – the civilized ruins of more than 300 years is merely 20 km to Bengbu; The inherited Huagudeng and Sizhou Opera, the intangible cultural heritage of China is the namecard for the deep deposited culture of Bengbu, especially Huagudeng dance with the fine name of “Oriental Ballet” attended the performance show before the opening ceremony of Beijing Olympic Games” in 2008, demonstrating its glamour to the world.

Bengbu has the superior traffic advantage. It is one of the important hubs of China Jinghu Railway from north to south with the capacity of handling 320 trains daily and a first class giant cargo train marshaling station and the largest container yard in east China. Taking the train from Bengbu, you can reach some provincial capitals, three directly governed cities and over ten coastal cities. A station is set up on Jinghu High Speed Railway and the planned Jingfu (Beijing to Fuzhou) high speed railway will join Jinghu High Speed Railway at Bengbu. Soon at that time, you can arrive at Shanghai in 2 hours, at Beijing and Fuzhou in 3 hours, at Nanjing and Hefei in some half hours. Furthermore, Jingfu (Beijing to Fuzhou) and Nanluo (Nanjing to Luoyang) Highways, the two arteries will be also connected at Bengbu. Bengbu is the largest port in Huaihe River linking Yangtze River and sea. The civil airport of 4C level will be open soon.

Bengbu is abundant in educational resources. There are 5 state research organizations such as 40th Research Institute, 41st Research Institute of CETC, 214th Research Institute of China Weapon Industry Corporation, Glass Industrial Design Institute of CNBM, 1st Design and Research Institute ofCNBM Mi China, 10 universities and colleges such as Anhui University of Finance and Economics, 34 diversified vocational and technical schools. On the other hand, Bengbu is the state A class open city with the full organs for handling foreign business such as port, custom and entry exit inspection and quarantine etc.

Bengbu has solid industrial infrastructure. There are totally 1 state high tech industrial development zone, 6 provincial development zones and a group of industrial parks with specialties. Bengbu has full ranges of industries and is the significant comprehensive industrial base in Anhui forming the new pillar manufactures of farm and sideline products deep processing, fine chemicals, glass and glass deep processing, machine tool building and auto parts, IT and new materials, new energy etc., over 761 above-designated sized industrial enterprises, 5 listed companies such as BBCA and Anhui Water Conservancy Construction Group, 71 high tech corporations, and some 30 major products such as citric acid, filters, photovoltaic cell and electropane being of the competitive advantages in technology or scale in China or even in the world.

After many years development, Bengbu has been nominated as the state National Double-support Model City, the trial city in central area with the support policy reference against that in northeastern old industrial base, state export orientation innovative base of trade enhancement with technology, the comprehensive assorted reform trial zone of He-Wu-Beng independent innovation, one of the first civilized city of Anhui. Today it is a significant traffic hub in east China, an important manufacture base in Anhui and a central city in north Anhui.