Longzihu District

Longzihu District is located at the east of Bengbu City, under its jurisdiction there are the six sub-district offices, and two townships like Lilou and Changhuaiwei, with the overall area of 165KM2 and the population of 260,000.

Unique in location advantage. It is very convenient in transportations of Railway, Highway and Waterway. Bengbu Railway Station, Bengbu Long-distance Bus Station and Bengbu High Speed Railway Station are located in the district. Beijing-Shanghai railway, Huainan Railway (Bengbu-Hefei), Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Ralway and Beijing-Fuzhou High Speed Railway are crossed here. The largest freight marshalling station of Beijing-Shanghai Railway in the east China is sited in the district. Beijing-Fuzhou Expressway and Nanjing-Luoyang Expressway are passing by just. The railway transportation is very convenient, and the water transportation is open to navigation all the year.

Rich in cultural and mountain/ water resources. Within the territory, there are many mountains and hills like Caoshan mountain, Zhuizi Hill, East and West Lushan Hills, Laoshan Mountain and Longzi Lake. The water area of Longzi Lake is 8KM2 with beautiful scene. In 2010, Longzihu Scenic Spot was approved as the State-level 3A Scenic Spot. In the district there are still many cultural and historic relics, for example, Xiyan Temple which was started to build in the Dong Han Dynasty, Lusu Well which was built in the Three Countries Dynasty, Tanghe’s tomb and Su Garden –the imperial garden of Zhu Yuanzhang as the first emperor of the Ming Dynasty, the Changhuaiwei Street— as the famous ancient street. These relics have been listed into the provincial key cultural relics protective units. Huagu with the Changhuaiwei’s tone has been into the Provincial Protective Contents of the Nonmaterial Cultural Heritage.

Rich in scientific and technological resources. In Bengbu University Town, there are nearly 10 colleges and universities, such as Anhui University of Finance and Economics, Bengbu Medical College, Bengbu College, Anhui Electronic Information Vocational and Technical College and Bengbu Arts and Crafts School, etc, and all kinds of vocational training organs are 20, so a lot of professional S and T talents, managing personnel and technicians are gathered here.

Solid in industrial base. The industrial products throughout the district cover the 10 varieties or more, nearly 80 kinds, such as mechanical processing, glass vessels, automobile components, light industry, electronics, textiles, fine chemicals and furniture manufacturing. The pillar industries like photovoltaic industry, glass and glass deep processing, mechanical manufacturing, electronics and automobile components have begun to make shape. Some new type parking zones are established in the district, for example, China Glass New Material Scientific and Technological Park, High Speed Railway Industry And Trade Park, Electronics and Automobile Components Industrial Park, Modern Logistics Park, Ships Industrial Park, Package Industrial Park and the Whole People Pioneering Park, etc. The real estate, modern commerce and trade and new-type service industry are being developed greatly.

In the recent years, our district still try our best to integrate all the resources in order to provide the investors all the elements required. In the industrial projects, the infrastructure on the roads, power supply, water supply, gas supply and sewage treatment, etc. required for the project construction are fulfilled gradually. In the third industry—service industry, we will rejuvenate the peripheral commercial area of Bengbu Railway Station and create the new business and trade zone around Bengbu High Speed Railway Station in order to provide the vast developing space to the investors and traders. As for the manpower, because we possess a lot of skilled industrial workers, we can provide sufficient labor resources to the investors. With our lower productive cost and complete industrial accessory supporting, your productive cost can be lowered greatly. In the developing environment, the investor can enjoy all the preferential policies. We will help you go through the procedures on the project initiation, enterprise registration, environmental evaluation and tax registration, etc.

With the high efficient service, advanced modern scientific and technological industries, comfortable and beautiful living environment, ecological environment and first-class service system, Longzihu District will become your ideal investment place.