Huaishang District

Huaishang District was approved to establish in March, 2004 with the overall area of 245KM2. Under its jurisdiction there are four townships and one sub-district office with the total population of 202,600.

With superior location advantage and convenient traffic, Huaishang District is south closed to the Huaihe River, west to Hefei-Xuzhou expressway, and north to Nanjing-Luoyang expressway. The provincial ways 101 and 307 and the National Way 206 are passing through the territory. Bengbu Huaishang Port at the north bank of the Huaihe River is being planned to construct and designed to possess the 6-8 berths of thousand tonnage level and the annual freight throughput of up to 1.2 million tons. With the superior traffic network and Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Railway being built up, you can arrive in Nanjing in 30 minutes, Shanghai in 1 hour and 20 minutes and Beijing in 2 hours and a half. Huaishang District will become the key transfer point of the economy and technology in the coastal area in the southeast China and the energy source and raw materials in the mid-west area of China.

Huaishnag District has rich historic and cultural details and is the birthplace of the Huaihe River culture and the SHuangdun Culture as the origin of the Chinese Characters. The Shuangdun Relic is discovered and excavated at Shuangdun Village,Xiaobengbu Township of Bengshan District, and has the history of 7300 years or more and was listed as the first in the 10 new archaeological discoveries of China in 2008. It is demonstrated by the rare relics excavated that the Huaihe River’s culture compares well with the Yangtze River’s and Yellow River’s Cultures. In the territory there are some other famous cultural and historic relics and scenic spots.

In the recent years, the Party Committee and People’s Government of Huaishang District insist on the scientific outlook on development as guiding principle, focus on the development goal “the Large Industrial District and Commercial District”, and promote the process of industrialization, urbanization and agricultural industrialization. We will try our best to double the main economic targets in three years and quadruple them in five years. In 2010, the total local output value of 2.612 billion RMB Yuan is realized and the financial income of 270 million RMB Yuan is realized throughout the district. The whole social fixed assets investment of 5.837 billion RMB Yuan is realized and the actual importing fund outside the city is 4.928 billion RMB Yuan. At present, the scaled enterprises have been 98, and the cash income per peasant is up to 5518 RMB Yuan. All our many works have been approved and awarded. In 2010, our district was awarded as “the State-level High Quality Service District for the Birth Control” by the State Family Planning Commission and became the first state-level advanced district in the North Anhui area. We have many honor titles, for example, “the Peaceful District (County) in Anhui”, “the Advanced District(County) in Anhui for the Countryside Organization Construction” and “the Excellent Unit in Anhui for the Letters and Calls” by the Provincial Party Committee and People’s Government of Anhui. We have been awarded as the Advanced Unit in Bengbu for Business Solicitation and Investment Attraction for the successive five years, and as the Advanced Unit in Bengbu for the Whole People’s Pioneering for the successive four years, and as the Excellent Unit in Bengbu for the Compressive Targets Evaluation for the successive three years, and as the Good District (County) for the Financial and Ecological Environment for the successive two years.

The economic aggregate in the industrial parking zones is continuously enlarged. By the end of the year 2010, the enterprises entered are totally 124, in which the enterprises putting into production are 79, and the scaled enterprises are 58, and the output value of 3.83 billion RMB Yuan is realized by the enterprises in the parking zone, with the increase of 50% compared to the last year, at the 51.1% of the total industrial output value. At present the three leading industries, i.e., mechanical manufacturing and automobile components, environmental equipment, textile and garments, have been established primarily. Like Huili Company, Ruifeng Clothing-making and Chengshi Medicine-making, their annual output values have reached the mark 100 million RMB Yuan respectively.

The constructive steps for the trade/ business and logistics park are being speeded up. By the end of the year 2010, the projects entered are 16 and the investment of 701 million RMB Yuan is achieved. The project of the large market for agricultural materials and electromechanical products is proceeding successfully and the large market projects on Haitong Medicine Logistical Centre, Wanbei Steel Material <Market and Haijixing Agricultural Products Logistical Park are started to construct one by one. The business activities in the parks are very profitable, and the volume of business of 3 billion RMB Yuan is realized with the increase of 50% compared to the last year. The employee in the parks has been up to more than 2500. The third largest commercial circle has begun to make shape and its radiating and gathering capacity is strengthened obviously.

Our rural economy is raised continuously. In 2010, the total output of the grain and crops is up to 92400 tons, with the increase of 1.4% compared to the last year, and the highest historic output has been obtained for the successive seven years. The scale and grade of the four leading industries, i.e., vegetables, aquiculture, seeds breeding, flowers and tree planting are improved continuously. The newly-added standardized vegetable greenhouse area is 4000mus, and the newly-added lotus root planting area is 1150mus, and the newly-added standardized breeding zones are 13, and the standardized breeding zones are up to 86 throughout the district. The special farmer’s cooperatives have been 34 and the farmers of above 50% in the whole district have taken part in the cooperation. We are making efforts to implement the project that the average income per farmer in the village is over ten thousand RMB Yuan. After Yiwan Village of Meiqiao Township, in Luxiaomiao Village of Xiaobengbu Township and Huaifeng Village of Meiqiao Township, the annual income per farmer is over ten thousand RMB Yuan.

The urban and rural appearance is improved step by step. In accordance with the development plan of “One River and Five Functional Zones”, we are actively being promoting the construction of urban infrastructure, for example, North Road of Jiefang, North Road of Chaoyang, Huaishang Avenue, Shuangdun Road, meanwhile, we make much investment on the construction of the countryside’s roads. In 2010, we make the investment of 978 million RMB Yuan to construct 18 roads and the low-rent housing and transitional shelter with the total area of 896000M2. At present, the nine farmer new residence zones have been built up throughout the district and the 5700 householders have been settled well. The all-directional traffic network has been set up in the whole district. The road project to every village is realized completely in 51 administrative villages.

The real estate projects have been promoted quickly. Some top residence zones have been built up and the owners have begun to enter and resettle, for example, Jindiyuan Residence Zone, the 1st phase and 2nd phase residence zones of Lijingtiancheng, the 1st phase transitional shelters of Hehuayuan residence zone, Taoranbeian residence zone, etc. The urban management is strengthened further and the urban appearance is improved greatly.

The social affairs are unified to develop. The 28 projects concerning the people’s livelihood are completed in the round. In 2010, the total fund to the people’s livelihood is 430 million RMB Yuan, with the increase of 887% compared to the last year. The work on education, health, culture and civil affairs has been improved comprehensively.

The year 2011 is the key year for Huaishang District to carry out the urban large construct and to realize the leapfrog development. We will seize the new opportunity, stand on the new start point and speed up the grading to bring Huaishang District to “the across-river developing new district, the urban functional extending district, the transferring district of the important industries and the demonstration district for the urban and rural integration”. The construction of Huaishang District in the period of the Twelfth Five-Year Plan has been started to implement. Under the leadership of the Party Committee and People’s Government of Huaishang District, we will make our efforts to realize so beautiful a prospect and achieve the leapfrog development in Huaishang District.

Welcome all the friends, traders and investors to make investment in Huaishang District and get the cooperation in win-win.