Guzhen County

Under the jurisdiction of Bengbu City, Guzhen County is located at the northeast area of Anhui province, and at the north bank in the middle stream of the Huaihe River, between the east longitude 11702′-117036′ and northern latitude 33010′-33030′, and belongs to the humid climate at north temperate zone and has distinct seasons and adequate sunshine with annual average air temperature of 14.9℃ and annual rainfall of 871mm, and annual sunshine time of 2170 hours. The county is flat in topography with elevation of 16.0-22.5M and the overall area of 1363KM2 and the population of 626,000 and the farmland of 1,054,000mus, under the jurisdiction of Guzhen County, there is now the 11 townships, one province-level economic developing zone, one province-level Taiwan industrial park, one province-level whole people’s pioneering park and 228 administrative villages (residence zones). The county’s planning area is 350,000KM2 and the constructed area is 10.5 KM2, and the population in the urban area is 115,000.

Guzhen has a long history. Guyang County was set up here by Liu Bang as the first emperor in the Han Dynasty, afterward, was renamed to Guyang Township, now named as Guzhen. In B.C. 202, the famous “Battle at Gaixia” occurred in the territory of Guzhen so that the Han Dynasty history of 400 years was set up, meanwhile, many exciting stories were known well by the people, for example, “Songs of Chu on All Sides” and “Farewell My Concubine”. Now, the tourism and archaeological value is very great and the relic “Battle at Gaixia” has been listed into the key cultural relic protective units in Anhui. In 2009, our county was awarded as “the Advanced County on Cultural Relic Work in China”. Our latest discovery is “Gaixia Prehistoric Town Relic before 4600 years”, called as “the first town in Dawenkou Culture” by the experts. Our discovery fills the blank that there is no prehistoric town relic in Anhui, and is awarded as one of “the Ten Most Important Archaeological Discoveries In 2009 throughout the County. Xushen, known as the father of the Chinese dictionaries, was once an officer in Guzhen, and he wrote “Say the Works and Explaining the Characters”.

Guzhen is rich in resources. Guzhen County is a traditional key agricultural county and is rich in farm byproduct resources and was once awarded as “the large commodity grain county in China”, “ the most important county on oil material in Anhui”, one of “the ten strongest counties on stockbreeding in Anhui”, “the Town of Peanut” and “the Town of West Melon” many times, and is the important productive base of grain and oils in Anhui. In the recent years, Guzhen continuously enlarges the adjustment measures on the agricultural scaled structure and the eight key industries, i.e., cotton, peanut, pig, dorking and beef cattle, etc., have begun to make shape, and the agricultural production has been developed greatly forward the organic, standardization and branding. Our county is rich in mineral resources, and the coal reserve in the territory is over 250 million tons. Now, the preparation prior to exploitation is being implemented.

Guzhen County has superior investment environment. Our county is complete in infrastructure, and convenient in traffic, north to Xuzhou, south to Bengbu, and is located within the economic radiating circle of some large cities like Shanghai, Nanjing and Xuzhou. Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Railway and the Provincial Way 301 are passing through the territory and Nanjing-Luoyang Expressway and Hefei-Xuzhou Expressway are passing by side. The county area is only 60KM away from Bengbu Airport, and only 100KM from Xuzhou Airport. Guzhen is sufficient in power supply because there is one 220KV transformer substation and one 110KV transformer substation, and ten 35KV transformer substations. It is rich in groundwater resource and good in water quality. Our finance service organs are qualified and the service items are complete. In our county, there are six commercial banks, one guarantee company for the small and middle-sized enterprises, and three insurance companies. The course of the urban and rural integration is speeded up. Now, there are 10 professional markets in the county, in which the annual volume of business at Wangzhuang Village as the largest peanut market in the north Anhui area is 100 million Kilograms. In the recent years, our county was awarded many times, for example, “the Advanced Civilized County in Anhui”, “the Advanced Hygeian County in Anhui”, “the Advanced Sports County in Anhui”, and “the Peaceful County in Anhui”.

The economy and society are developed in the round. We insist on the scientific outlook on development as our guidance, keeping with the overall strategy of “ the Large Development, Large Construction and Large Service”, and we will try our best to implement the five key strategies, i.e., “with industry to richen the county, with agriculture to stabilize the county, with harmony to promote the county, promoting innovation and planning the urban and rural areas as a whole”, in order to speed up the progress of industrialization, urbanization and agricultural modernization. We will be active to set up the distinguishing economic system, focus on industrial economy, develop private-run economy, create tourism economy, enlarge township economy, rise labor economy and promote the sustained, rapid and healthy development of the intra-county economy. During the period of the Eleventh Five-Year Plan, the local total output value in Guzhen exceeded successively the marks of 5 billion RMB Yuan, 6 billion RMB Yuan,7 billion RMB Yuan and 8 billion RMB Yuan, with the annual growth rate of 13.5%.The annual average increase in the fixed assets is 46.1%, and the annual average increase in the financial income is 36.6%, and the annual average increase in the pure income per peasant is 14.6%. The structure of three industries is optimized and adjusted continuously from 41:26:33 to 36:34:30.

We will go all out to promote the leapfrog development in the Twelfth Five-Year Plan. In the Twelfth Five-Year Plan, our guiding principle is to take the transformation of economic development style as the master line, to take the people happy life and social harmony as the goal, to take “the speeding-up of grading and rising-up of the north Anhui area” as the key point in order to speed up the progress of the new type industrialization, urbanization and agricultural modernization of Guzhen in the round. We will seize the new opportunity, increase the new advantage, realize the new development, and construct the new, beautiful, civilized and harmonious Guzhen. Our main working target is that the regional total output value will realize the annual growth rate of more than 14%, the adjustment of the three industries structure will be 25:45:30, and the industrialized rate will be over 37%. The annual average increase in the financial income will be over 30% and the annual average increase in the fixed assets will be over 30%. The annual average wage of the on-the-post employees and the annual average increase in the pure income of the peasants will be over 13%. The annual average increase in the importing of the fund outside Guzhen will be over 30%. We will do our best to raise our county’s economic development standard higher than of the peripheral counties (cities), the north Anhui area and the average standard throughout the province.

Guzhen County is a beautiful place with talented personalities, plentiful in products, and is profound in cultural details. The people in Guzhen are hardworking, unpretending and warm hospitality. Today, Guzhen is going to the key period of high speed development. We are warmly to welcome all the friends, traders and businessmen home and abroad to visit and make investment here and to have successful cooperation. We will provide the high efficient service and the most comfortable and excellent environment to you.