Bengshan District

Bengshan District is the central urban area in Bengbu City, and is the centre of politics, culture, finance, business and trade all over the city. It is north to the Huaihe River, south to Fengyang County, west to Chaoyang Road, and east to Tianjin-Pukou Railway and Longzi Lake with the overall area of 84KM2 and the pollution of 280,000. Under its jurisdiction there are the five sub-district offices, i.e., Tianqiao, Qingnian, Weierlu, Huangzhuang and Hongyecun, and the two townships, i.e., Xuehua Township and Yanshan Township.

Bengshan District is beautiful in scenic spot, sited by the hills and pools where the green trees made shade, the beautiful flowers are blooming and the fishes are free swimming in the pool. Huaihe Cultural Plaza, Scientific Palace Plaza and Huiahe River Dyke are the ideal and comfortable recreation places for the citizens. As the birthplace of Bengbu City, Bengshan District is playing the important role in geographical position, population proportion, cultural details, economic development, and social affairs and urban management. As the first district of Bengbu opening to outside, Bengshan District is distinct in location advantage, remarkable in industrial characteristics, complete in service facilities, and qualified in financing agencies, and is the ideal crossing point of the manpower, materials, information and fund. Bengbu Guangcai Large Market as the largest comprehensive professional market in Anhui, Ermalu General Merchandises Wholesales Market and China Curio and Jade City are the most profitable commercial places. In the busiest commercial centre—the central business area of the Huaihe Road, some famous traders and enterprise home and abroad are gathered here, like WALMART Supermarket, Jinying International, Baida Shopping Centre, Anhui Commercial Capital, etc., There are many financing, stocks and insurance organs entered to Bengshan District. In Bengbu Chengnan New Zone with the most investment potentiality, we will construct the hi-tech electronic information and modern service as the two pillar industries in 5-10 years and build it to the science and technology new town, cultural new town and ecological new town with the powerful vigor.

In the period of the Eleventh Five-Year Plan, the annual average growth in the total output value throughout the district is 13.55%, and the annual average growths in the three industries are 6.01%, 18.20% and 11.04% respectively, and the proportion of the two industries is raised 5% in comparison with the one by the end of the Tenth Five-Year Plan, and the scaled enterprises are increases by 3.5 times and the annual average growth in the scaled industrial adding value is 45%, 26.1% more than the average standard in Anhui. Our economic structure has been optimized further. In comparison with the end of the Tenth Five-Year Plan, the total financial income is raised by 3 times, and the annual average growth rate is 17.58%. During the period of the Twelfth Five-Year Plan, depending on the general requirement of “Trying to Progress, Speeding up Grading”, we will do our best to construct the four functional zones, i.e., main urban zone, central business zone, Chengnan New Zone and ecological Agricultural Zone, and Bengshan District will be built to the comfortable, profitable, ideal living and beautiful new Bengshan.